About Us

Stable was designed and built with a very simple goal; to protect farmers and food companies around the world from volatile commodity prices. In the summer of 2016 leading academics, technology experts, insurers and farmers came together to try and come up with a very new way of solving a very old problem.


Stable came to life after our founder (and farmer’s son), completed a Nuffield Scholarship on the ‘Simplification of Financial Risk Management for Farmers’.

Richard’s initial idea was inspired by the writer A.G Street’s old farming saying, ‘Up Horn, Down Corn’ highlighting the natural diversification inherent in traditional mixed farming.

Our models and data science algorithms mimic traditional mixed farming, (by protecting a wide variety of crops in many different countries) to lower risk for our insurance partners and make the premiums affordable for everyone.

The initiative received invaluable support from leading academics at the Universities of Harvard, Liverpool and Lisbon University as well as some of the world’s largest Insurers, Banks, Venture Capital partners and over 20 farming organisations.

Based in the heart of the City, near Lloyd’s of London, the fast growth technology company now includes a tight knit team of Mathematicians, Data Scientists, Developers and Actuaries, as well as an experienced commercial team that works with our clients and distribution partners around the world.
Stable is a Venture backed company and shareholders include Anthemis, Baloise and over 20 farming businesses that have helped to bring Stable to life.