Farming and food businesses around the world use Stable’s index insurance platform to insure themselves from a wide range of volatile commodity prices. Stable makes Price Risk Management as simple as insuring your car.

Commodity price volatility is one of the biggest problems faced by 500 million farmers and the global food industry that buys from them.

The financial tools that could help to manage this critical business risk are only available to less than 1% of the market, due to cost, liquidity and complexity. That’s a massive problem for a $4.8 trillion industry, when the need for investment in productive and sustainable food chains has never been greater.

Global Coverage

Stable provides its clients with a global index insurance platform to protect their local risk in local currencies.

Protect your own business from volatility, or offer Stable to your existing clients and farmers.

Global Coverage

Stable’s unique index insurance platform enables us to protect commodities that aren’t traded on an exchange

15 Countries


Stable is backed by global insurers to bring new liquidity to niche farm commodities

Global Underwriters

Low Basis Risk

Our Index Analysts have scoured the world for local indexes that are independent, priced in local currency and with low basis risk

54 Commodities

Simple to Use

Designed and built for simplicity, our insurance products can deliver a free quote in less than 2 minutes. Claims are paid automatically in just 48 hours. Say goodbye to Hedge Accounting

2 Minute Quote

“As a farmer’s son I saw first hand how damaging volatile prices can be and why a fresh approach to an age-old problem was so badly needed.”

Richard Counsell
Founder & CEO, Stable