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Volatile commodity prices are one of the biggest risks to a wide range of businesses around the world.

Current financial tools that could help are often complex, risky and expensive. In 2016 Stable set out to build a simple, index-insurance solution that was available to businesses of every size and every sector.

Stable makes ‘hedging’ simple by asking just 3 key questions to generate a free quote in less than 2 minutes.

As well as working directly with clients, we also partner with Insurers, Banks, Co-Ops, Merchants and a wide range of industry suppliers to distribute Stable globally.

In 2018 Stable became a Lloyd’s of London Coverholder and registered as an insurance intermediary by the FCA. This final milestone meant we could continue our mission to democratise hedging for businesses around the world.

Loving indexes is an unusual confession to make, but let us explain why!

When we built Stable our goal was to build a solution that was affordable, simple to use and low risk. Assessing the risk of volatility for each individual business would make this very difficult to achieve, as the costs involved would inevitably increase the insurance premiums.

We needed to tackle the problem in a new way, to keep the premiums affordable and the service simple. The solution was to use indexes.

As an example, in the UK the AHDB collects and publishes a wide range of indexes on prices and costs for most UK farm commodities.These independent, local indexes are incredibly useful as they are priced in £GBP and are usually very close to the price farmers would actually receive, (or pay) for their physical commodities.

For UK farmers this means that Stable now offers a simple way to protect their business from volatile prices. The Premium and Claims are purely based on the independent index price, rather than the price the farmers receive for the crops, or pay for the inputs like feed and fertilizer.

An Index Insurance Example

In the illustrative example below you can see the current index price is £100 per tonne. The farmer chose to protect the farm from an index price below £90 per tonne and 100 tonnes was insured.

At the end of the insurance contract, the average index price had fallen to £70 which was £20 less than the Start Price selected. In this example an automated payment for £20 per tonne, (£90-£70) was due. When multiplied by the 100 tonnes that was insured, the farmer received an automated payment of £2000, with no claims process or paperwork.

“Growing up on a farm I saw first-hand how damaging volatile prices and costs are for businesses trying to plan for the future.

My hope is that Stable’s volatility insurance platform can help businesses of every size and sector face the future with confidence.”

Richard Counsell, Founder & CEO, Stable

Global Coverage

Stable is a global index-insurance platform, that protects businesses from volatile prices and costs.

Protect your own business from volatility, or offer Stable to your clients

Current partners include Insurers, Banks, Co-Ops, Industry Suppliers, Membership and Buying Groups