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Welcome to Stable

Stable is a risk management platform that helps businesses around the world protect themselves from volatile commodity prices.

We make price risk management simple and accessible, so that companies of every size and sector can invest in the future with confidence.


Less than 10% of the worlds commodities can be protected using a liquid exchange. That makes price risk management difficult for millions of businesses around the world.

Registered users can choose from a wide range of diverse commodities and get a free quote to protect their business in less than 2 minutes.

Contracts bought on the platform are underwritten by global underwriters at Lloyd’s of London.




Stable specialises in diverse and niche commodities around the world that have previously been impossible to protect. Our breadth of cover is unrivalled, so basis risk is minimised.

Offering a wide coverage of commodities is only half the story. Behind the scenes are global capital providers, who provide the liquidity required to enable Stable to offer a groundbreaking new product




Indexes are at the heart of everything we do here at Stable.

We search the world for independent, trusted indexes that can act as an accurate and targeted proxy for the local price risk faced by our clients.

Our clients can secure their business from a wide variety of risks, from ‘pigs to pineapples’ that have previously been inaccessible.


STABLE FOUNDER & CEO Richard Counsell

“Growing up on a farm I saw first-hand how damaging volatile prices are for a business trying to plan for the future. My hope is that Stable’s price insurance platform can help businesses of every size and sector invest in the future with more confidence.”


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“Stable's simple solution is one that our farmers have been requesting for years. We’re incredibly excited about the chance to partner with Stable to help our members protect their income and invest in the future of this vital industry..” 23 May 2018

“As a medium sized food manufacturer, we don't have a team that can work with the exchanges. Stable enables us to protect our business from cost rises without the need for hedge accounting.” 4 November 2018

“We buy a wide range of niche commodities that aren't available to hedge on an exchange. Stable can go where the exchanges can't which is massive for us..” 23 December 2018