We’ve been hugely busy here at Stable in recent weeks, and our work’s been reaching audiences around the world.

From Ireland to Zimbabwe, here’s a selection of just a few of the headlines our innovative  volatility insurance service has made:

Farmers dip toes into global crop insurance platform, Reuters

 Farmers can now for the first time insure their produce against price volatility as easily as insuring their homes, with a global platform based on hundreds of niche commodity indexes, underwritten by Lloyd’s of London syndicate Ascot. Read more

Innovative farm insurance to protect from volatility, Press and Journal

An innovative commodity insurance product has been hailed by industry experts for the potential it could offer farmers looking to protect themselves from market volatility caused by Brexit. Read more

The company hoping to remove uncertainty from more than 200 crops, Sky News, Ian King Live:

First of its kind insurance product will help protect farmers from Brexit volatility, Farmers Guardian

 A first of its kind insurance product has been lauded by industry for the benefits it could bring to farmers looking to protect themselves from Brexit market volatility… Read more

Agriculture and Commodities Insurance, Insuretech Insider Podcast

Richard our CEO, with Matt Jones, Principal, Investments at Anthemis and Hector Ibarra, CEO of Global Parametrics discuss with Sarah and Nigel of 11FS the difficulties around insuring agricultural commodities, offering products for insurance against diseases like African swine flu and foot and mouth, political shockwaves and the inelastic nature of supply and demand in agriculture… Listen here

Crop insurance platform launched, The Herald Zimbabwe

 “It seems like a straightforward insurance policy. I’ve done mine on monthly direct debit,” said English farmer Jeremy Mason…. Read more

Stable launches a price risk management tool to help farmers protect themselves from Brexit market volatility, Farm Business

 A company which aims to help farmers manage market volatility by protecting them against volatile prices has launched its risk management platform in the UK. Read more

Irish farmers can now dip toes into global crop insurance platform, Irish Independent

The wide range of commodities which can be insured on the platform helps the manage risks from the insurer’s point of view along with geographical diversity. Read more

Other articles:

Stable is the volatility insurance platform designed and built by farmers. We help farming and food businesses of every size and sector manage the risk of volatile prices so they can invest in their future with confidence.  Stable’s index-insurance platform enables farmers and food businesses to insure themselves from a wide range of commodity prices and input costs. To read about examples of how Stable’s volatility insurance could help your farming and food business manage risk, read these case studies.

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