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Sarah and Nigel are joined by three great guests to discuss the world of agricultural insurance, including:

  • Richard Counsell, CEO of Stable
  • Matt Jones, Principal, Investments at Anthemis
  • Hector Ibarra, CEO of Global Parametrics

Kicking off the show we take a close look at the difficulties around insuring agricultural commodities, including what the actual indexes are and the problems that are involved. There’s been a great deal of difficulty in figuring out the science to apply to agricultural insurance because there are so many variables, acts of god and fluctuations that can come into play.

Pricing risk exists outside of traditional actuarial models so it has to be done for the ground-up in an entirely different way, especially when taking into account predictions dependent on such variable factors like climate change. The panel also discuss offering products for insurance against diseases like African swine flu and foot and mouth, political shockwaves and the inelastic nature of supply and demand in agriculture.

All that and much more on this week’s episode of Insurtech Insider.