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Making Hedging Simple

Stable has worked closely with our clients and partners to reimagine risk management. Our simple and unique products are designed to change hedging forever.

It all starts with lowering Basis Risk

Over the last 3 years we’ve added over 5000 indexes to our platform. These indexes are published by over 60 price reporting agencies from 70 countries. The sheer variety and granularity of the 3rd party indexes mean that Stable is able to offer contracts that minimize basis risk wherever it originates from.

Hedging Can Be Hard. Stable makes it Simple.

Find out about how Stable has made hedging simple so businesses can protect themselves from volatile commodity prices.

Here we explain how Stable can protect your profits into the future with our rolling hedge contracts.

Meet Sarah, an animated case study explaining how Stable is changing the way businesses around the world can protect themselves from volatile commodity prices.

Meet John and his craft brewery, based just outside of Chicago. He’s worried about the risk of rising Malting Barley costs hurting his business.

A short video to show how Stable can help protect a business from falling egg prices.

A short video about how Stable can help businesses protect themselves against cost rises for liquid eggs.

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