Become a partner

We work with partners all over the world who can distribute Stable to their clients. Stable provides the technology platform and the risk capital, leaving our partners to focus on distribution and sales.

Turnkey Partner Solutions

Create a new revenue stream, or bundle Stable with your existing products and services to build loyalty, create a member benefit or differentiate your products. Integration is designed to be simple and usually requires no technical expertise.

Global coverage

From Pigs to Plastics, (and just about everything in between) Stable can protect your clients from the risk of volatile prices and costs. We focus on niche and ‘untraded’ commodities, where market participants have previously been unable to ‘hedge’ price risk.


Example partnerships

We work closely with Insurers, Co-Ops, Banks, Manufacturers, Industry Suppliers and a wide range of finance providers that want to help their clients manage price risk in a simple, modern and affordable way.


Easy to manage

If you need to manage one policy or hundreds of policies, Stable’s cloud-based risk management platform makes it simple and quick to manage quotes, orders and commissions whenever required.


Underwritten by global insurers

As a Lloyd’s of London Coverholder, Stable’s index insurance policies are underwritten by some of the world’s largest insurers. Lloyd’s currently enjoys an A+ rating from Standard and Poor’s.


Join us

If you’d like to find out more about becoming a partner then we’d love to hear from you.

The best way is to arrange a call with our Partner team, who can walk you though how it all works and answer any of your questions.


“Stable's simple solution is one that our farmers have been requesting for years. We’re incredibly excited about the chance to partner with Stable to help our members protect their income and invest in the future of this vital industry..” 23 May 2018

“As a medium sized food manufacturer, we don't have a team that can work with the exchanges. Stable enables us to protect our business from cost rises without the need for hedge accounting.” 4 November 2018

“We buy a wide range of niche commodities that aren't available to hedge on an exchange. Stable can go where the exchanges can't which is massive for us..” 23 December 2018