The Stable Foundation

Providing early-stage financial grants to anyone working
towards solving a big problem in the food and farming industry


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If you’ve got a big idea that could do with a little help, then we’d love to hear from you.

stable Founder & CEO

Richard Counsell

“Growing up on a farm I saw first-hand how damaging volatile prices and costs are for businesses trying to grow their business and plan for the future.

My hope is that Stable’s risk management platform can help businesses of every size and sector face the future with more confidence.”

making a difference

Stable came to life because of the support and encouragement provided by a Nuffield Farming Scholarship that was awarded to our founder and CEO in 2016. This was an enormous privilege and an opportunity to make a difference to agri-food businesses all over the world.

As Stable became a commercial business, it felt right to ‘pay it forward’ and see if we could help others turn their own ideas into a reality.

We felt the best way to make this happen was to create the Stable Foundation from day one, with a simple and clear vision and a budget that grows as we do. We set aside a fixed percentage of our turnover and make this available as a donation to early stage initiatives that are also looking to make a difference to commodity buyers or sellers.


We’re specifically focused on providing small financial grants to anyone working hard to turn good ideas into a reality. These will be early stage business ideas, that are designed to be profitable over time. Any idea we support must be aiming to solve a wider problem for the agri-food industry and advance our sector in some way. Applications are welcome from any country.

We also have a talented team of developers, data scientists and commercial experts that have faced similar challenges and may also be able to help with connections, feedback and technology advice if needed.


Other than needing to be convinced your idea is well thought through and useful, we don’t require anything else. No paperwork and long application processes. Just bags of passion and a crystal clear value proposition.

The decision about which ideas to back is decided with a simple vote by all of our staff at Stable.


“Stable's simple solution is one that our farmers have been requesting for years. We’re incredibly excited about the chance to partner with Stable to help our members protect their income and invest in the future of this vital industry..” 23 May 2018

“As a medium sized food manufacturer, we don't have a team that can work with the exchanges. Stable enables us to protect our business from cost rises without the need for hedge accounting.” 4 November 2018

“We buy a wide range of niche commodities that aren't available to hedge on an exchange. Stable can go where the exchanges can't which is massive for us..” 23 December 2018