Become a Partner
At Stable, our goal is to help farmers and food businesses around the world manage the risk of volatile income. That’s a big challenge and we can’t do it alone.

We're always pleased to talk to potential distribution Partners. From generating a new revenue stream, creating a unique member benefit, or combining Stable with existing products and services to enhance customer loyalty, our experienced partner team are ready to help.

We also work closely with a number of NGO's and Government agencies to design and build targeted solutions for maximum impact in developing countries.

We look forward to talking to you soon.
Why Become a Partner?
Help your clients protect their business from volatile prices
Create a new revenue stream for your business
Offer a new member-benefit to your farmers in the form of an insurance premium discount
Bundle with your existing products like finance, seeds and chemicals to increase loyalty, broaden your offering or diversify your income
Take risk off your balance sheet
How it Works
After signing a distributor agreement, you can generate your own insurance chatbot in less than 5 minutes with no technical skills required. You then just add the link to your website. Your clients can then get a free quote directly from your website and we share the revenue generated by your efforts, (or pass on a discount).
Any questions get in touch:
Telephone: 0203 858 0236
After getting in touch, our Partner team will arrange a call to discuss all the details. They’ll explore all aspects of your existing business and the farmers and crops that you already work with and discuss the best way for us to work together.
If successful, a Partner agreement is signed that outlines the financial, legal and operational relationship in detail for total transparency.
The integration process is very straightforward. You simply copy and paste a link onto your website. Most of our partner arrangements are based on an affiliate basis only, with all transactions and regulatory requirements handled by Stable.
With the integration complete, your clients and members can visit your website to get a free and no obligation quote to protect their business. Farmers can choose to purchase the policy online in less than 2 minutes.
Partner Dashboard
As a partner, you can access the partner dashboard 24/7 to check demand vs supply, manage agents, view leads, commissions and all transactions.
With Stable and our global insurance partners handling the risk, operations, IT and claims processes, you're free to focus on distribution to your clients.
Partner Location
Stable is growing fast and is currently seeking new partners in the countries listed below. These have been prioritised on the availability of suitable independent indexes, market size and diversification opportunities.
EUROPE: Ireland, Poland, Denmark, Sweden

APAC: Australia, New Zealand & China
LATAM: Argentina and Uruguay
AFRICA: South Africa
If you’re based in a country not listed, please do still get in touch and we can explore the opportunities in more detail.
More reasons to become a Partner