Three years ago we had a simple idea to help businesses manage the volatile prices which have caused such problems for our farming industry.  After years of R&D, including a Nuffield Scholarship, and the help of Harvard, Liverpool and Lisbon Universities, we’re now growing fast.  We’re building an amazing team of people, all passionate about disrupting the risk management industry.

As with any startup, it’s not always been easy designing and building a completely new solution from scratch.  With a lot of hard work and a great deal of help however, we’re now rolling out Stable in multiple countries.

Today we’re excited to announce we’ve moved into our new (and very grown up) head office in Whitehall.  It’s in the same building as The Farmers Club and we have the space to grow and ramp up our efforts to help even more farming and food businesses manage volatile prices.  Thanks to everyone along the way who has helped us turn our ideas into reality.


Stable was designed and built by farmers. We help farming and food businesses of every size and sector manage the risk of volatile prices so they can invest in their future with confidence.  Stable’s index-insurance platform enables farmers and food businesses to insure themselves from a wide range of volatile commodity prices and input costs.

To find out more about Stable or to book a demo, please call us on +44 (0) 203 934 6892 or email and we can show you how food and farming businesses around the world are using Stable to protect their balance sheets.