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We make it easy to protect your business
from volatile prices and costs
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claims process

If you’re due a payment at the end of your insurance contract, then we’ll let you know automatically via email.

Unlike traditional insurance, Stable’s index-based solution means claims are made automatically.

no fuss and <br> no paperwork

no fuss and
no paperwork

Just provide your bank details and your lost income will be replaced.


“Stable's simple solution is one that our farmers have been requesting for years. We’re incredibly excited about the chance to partner with Stable to help our members protect their income and invest in the future of this vital industry..” 23 May 2018

“As a medium sized food manufacturer, we don't have a team that can work with the exchanges. Stable enables us to protect our business from cost rises without the need for hedge accounting.” 4 November 2018

“We buy a wide range of niche commodities that aren't available to hedge on an exchange. Stable can go where the exchanges can't which is massive for us..” 23 December 2018