Volatility Insurance that’s as simple as Car Insurance

We make it easy to protect your farm from volatile prices and costs.

01. Register for a Free Account

There is no cost to create an account with Stable, but our volatility insurance platform is not available to everyone.

We just need to check you’re a business with a real risk that you’re looking to insure, rather than a speculator or financial services firm.

Encrypted & 2 Factor Authentication
Get a quote in less than 2 minutes

02. Get a free Volatility Insurance Quote

You can get a quote by answering just three simple questions:

How much to insure, for how long and at what index price? It takes less than 2 minutes to get a free quote.

Protect as little as 10 tonnes of crops, 1,000 kilos of livestock or 10,000 litres of milk.
Choose the number of months you wish to protect your business, up to 12 months in advance.
Choose Excess
The greater the Excess you select, the lower the premium will be
Pay Monthly
Pay the Premium monthly and cancel the policy anytime if it’s no longer useful for your business.
Global Coverage
Find local indexes for your local risk. Lowering Basis Risk is our biggest priority.
Manage your Contracts
From 1-10,000 contracts. View and manage them in our cloud-based dashboard.

03. Automated Claims

If you’re due a payment at the end of your insurance contract, then we’ll let you know automatically via email.

Unlike traditional insurance, Stable’s index-based solution means claims are made automatically. Just provide your bank details and your lost income will be replaced with no fuss and no paperwork.