About Us
Stable was designed and built with a very simple goal; to protect farmers and the wider agri-food industry from volatile incomes. In the summer of 2016 academics, technology experts, insurers and farmers came together to try and come up with a very new way of solving a very old problem.
Our Beginning
Stable came to life after our founder (and farmer's son), completed a Nuffield Scholarship on the 'Simplification of Financial Risk Management for Farmers'. 

Richard's initial idea was inspired by the writer A.G Street's old farming saying, 'Up Horn, Down Corn' highlighting the natural diversification inherent in traditional mixed farming. Our models and data science algorithms mimic traditional mixed farming, (by protecting a wide variety of crops in many different countries) to lower risk for our insurance partners and make the premiums affordable for farmers.

The initiative received invaluable support from leading academics at the Universities of Harvard, Liverpool and Lisbon University as well as some of the world's largest insurers, Banks, Venture Capital partners and over 20 farming organisations.
“In 2 years we've gone from a simple idea dreamt up round a Somerset farmhouse table, to a groundbreaking data science platform backed by global insurers and VCs. It's been an absolute privilege to be part of the team that's made it happen.”
Richard Counsell, CEO
Fast forward to today
Based in the heart of the City, near Lloyd's of London, the fast growth technology company now includes a tight knit team of Mathematicians, Data Scientists and Actuaries, as well as an experienced commercial team that works with our corporate clients and distribution partners around the world.

Meet The Team
With 5 different nationalities already represented, we've searched high and low for talented people who can help us make a difference and build the business. The highly technical data science and developer side of the business is carefully balanced with a down to earth commercial team, with deep connections to farming, food and insurance.
Richard Counsell
Richard is the founder and CEO of Stable. An award winning entrepreneur, having previously run technology firms in both Chicago and Melbourne.
Simon Wang
VP Data Science
Simon has a PhD in Actuarial Mathematics from Liverpool University and heads up our Data Science department.
Rachel Qian
Data Scientist
After completing an MSc in Computational Finance from Oxford University, Rachel joined the team to manage our portfolio algorithms.
Mandy Ma
Data Scientist
With an MSc in Financial Engineering from Oxford University, Mandy manages the pricing algorithms.
Charles Norton Smith
After graduating from Oxford, Charles became a member of Lloyds for over 20 years. He brings a wealth of insurance expertise to the board.
Ruth Foxe Blader
Paris based Ruth was previously at Allianz and PepsiCo. She is also a Director of Anthemis, a specialist fintech investor.
Edward Wakefield
Former MD of Greenhill Merchant bank and current Chair of the Virgin Money Foundation, Edward is a noted corporate finance expert.
Prof Hirbod Assa
Hirbod has 2 PhD's in Maths and Economics and advises the Data Science team and the board of Directors.
Matthew Jones
Previously at Swiss Re in Zurich, Matthew advises on all things related to our underwriting partners and strategy.
Sam Scrutton
Lead Developer
With a MSc from Manchester University in Computing, Sam heads up our developer team.
Sian Rowlands
Junior Researcher
Sian takes care of our pricing indices and farm research. She has an MSc from Bangor University and a BSc from Cirencester.
Variety of Roles
If you think your expertise could help us with the Stable initiative then we'd love to hear from you..