About us

Stable was designed and built with a very simple goal. We want to help businesses of every size and sector protect themselves from volatile commodity prices. In the summer of 2016 leading academics, technology experts, insurers and farmers came together to build a groundbreaking new index insurance solution to tackle a global problem.

how it all began Richard Counsell

Stable came to life after our founder (and farmer’s son), completed a Nuffield Scholarship on the ‘Simplification of Price Risk Management’.

Richard’s initial idea was inspired by the writer A.G Street’s old farming saying, ‘Up Horn, Down Corn’ which describes the natural diversification inherent in traditional mixed farming. Our ‘mixed farming algorithms’ allow the company to spread risk in real time across hundreds of diverse and ‘untraded’ commodities, in many different countries.


global indexes Low Basis Risk

We work with hundreds of independent indexes around the world that can act as an accurate and targeted proxy for any loss of income. Both Premiums and Claims are all based on the underlying index.


Collaboration Leading Universities

Our mission to reimagine commodity price risk management required the support of leading academics at the Universities of Harvard, Liverpool and Lisbon. This led us to develop groundbreaking new methods to price risk and diversify the portfolio using Quantitative Finance models.


the team Data Science & Commodity Expertise

Based in London the venture backed company includes a tight knit team of Mathematicians, Data Scientists, Analysts, Developers and Actuaries, as well as an experienced commercial team that works closely with our clients and partners around the world.


Investors Venture Backed

Stable is a venture backed company.  Our shareholders include Anthemis, Syngenta, Ascot and Baloise as well as investors from the farming, finance and food sectors.

Our collective goal is to democratise hedging for businesses around the world.



“Stable's simple solution is one that our farmers have been requesting for years. We’re incredibly excited about the chance to partner with Stable to help our members protect their income and invest in the future of this vital industry..” 23 May 2018

“As a medium sized food manufacturer, we don't have a team that can work with the exchanges. Stable enables us to protect our business from cost rises without the need for hedge accounting.” 4 November 2018

“We buy a wide range of niche commodities that aren't available to hedge on an exchange. Stable can go where the exchanges can't which is massive for us..” 23 December 2018